The creators of GET OUT escape rooms are proud to present you new interactive games, highly realistic, more fun, more scarier then anything before. Dive into the world of top entertainment for one hour.




Once upon a time on this spot, there was a hospital for mentally ill patients. Conceived at first as an elite institution after a few years it comes into trouble with funding and staff shortages. Due to the impossibility to calm them down, the doctor applies radical methods of treatment. Soon after, people start hearing rumors about illigal experiments and torture of patients. 

Angels and demons2a

Angels and Demons

Isidora Gruber lived in this place in 1666. Falsely accused of being a witch, she was burned and left to rest within these walls, forgotten by all. With her last words, she cursed anyone who tried to enter her chambers and disturb her peace. She is long gone, but her hand remains, one hand to govern all. He who controls the hand also controls her demons.


Breaking Bad

You are in the role of Sol Goodman, a famous con artist lawyer from Albuquerque. Because of his problematic business, he got into trouble with the drug cartel, to whom he owes a huge amount of money. You have 60 minutes to get the money, otherwise the cartel will come for you.


Outdoor Escape - Treasure Hunt

Spend a beautiful day outside with friends or family, visiting the main sights of the capital while solving the puzzles we have set for you.


Who can play?

Friends & Family

If you are looking to spend some quality time with your friends and family or if you are just a couple that wants to try something different – the escape room adventure is an experience that you will remember long after you finish game and you will definitely want to come back and play another room.


In almost every city escape rooms are one of the top tourist attractions and something that you don’t want to miss. If you want to explore the city in a new way, escape room is what you should try.


Most of the gamers always wanted to experience games they were playing and now they will have the chance to finally do so. No special knowledge is required to play and there is no intense physical activity within the game. All you need is the willingness to have a good time.

Team Building

Collaboration and teamwork are the essential factor of success! Escape rooms are designed, in order to create social interaction and build team chemistry. Our games takee Team Building to a whole new level. Create the desirable cohesion in your workplace and give your employees something to talk about!


Answers to common questions below...

An Escape Room, is a 60 minutes, adventure live game ideal for 2 – 6 people. Complete challenges, solve puzzles and find all the necessary clues to escape the room!

It actually depends, on how well you work in a team and on your level of concentration under pressure. Escape rooms are designed to be challenging, but not impossible.

If you get stuck, the game master, will give you some hints, to help you! Many teams get close, but can’t escape in time. At the end of 60 minutes, the game master will unlock the door and you can ask questions about the clues you couldn’t find.

The experience for 2 persons is 4000 RSD, for 3 persons 5000 RSD, for 4 persons 5500 RSD, for 5 persons 6000 RSD and for 6 persons 6500 RSD.

You should come 10 minutes earlier and the location details and map can be found on our website. If you are late, unfortunately you will have less time to escape the room. The next group will have to enter at the predetermined time, so please be on time. If something occurs, give us a call.

Yes, reservations are necessary as rooms are booked most of the times! You can book online easily, by pressing the book button and fill your personal details and the required fields in the form. We will send you confirmation email as soon as we see your request. You can also give us a call on: 0658607750 (Viber & Whatsapp friendly).

The easiest way to escape the room is by communicating efficiently, with everyone in the room. Share clues you have found with the rest of the team and be sure that everyone knows any new information you discover.

Follow the rules, our stuff will tell you before the game begin. Most basic rules are:

  • Don’t move or lift heavy objects. There are no clues there!
  • Don’t use force, trying to open locked stuff.
  • If you break something by disobeying those rules you have to pay for it.
  • Electronic devices such as cell phones should be off and can’t be used in the escape room.
  • No clues are hidden in electrical outlets.

Don’t worry about that! There are a lot of parking places around our location!

The game are highly realistic and can be scary. What matters is that games can be adapted to the age of players

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